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Our Refinishing Services

Countertop Refinishing

If your countertops are worn or damaged, and you want to restore your home to its original beauty, come to Jerry Home Improvement for countertop refinishing. We are committed to great customer service, and our technicians take pride in turning something worn and old into something beautiful that you love.

You may want to update your kitchen or bathrooms, but simply don’t have the time or the budget for a complete remodel in your La Quinta home. That’s where we come in with our countertop refinishing services.Read more

Cabinet Refinishing

Here at Jerry Home Improvement, we have the years of experience and training necessary to turn your kitchen into the space you want. With kitchen cabinet refinishing, you can give your La Quinta kitchen a facelift without all the headaches and disruptions that can come from a complete remodel.

We specialize in renovations and remodeling, and use only the highest quality products to turn your dream home into a reality quickly and efficiently. When the people of La Quinta want quality work from professionals they can trust, they come to us first.Read more

Wood Furniture Refinishing

Here at Jerry Home Improvement, we see the value in taking something old and making it beautiful again. While we specialize in La Quinta remodeling and renovations, we are committed to restoring everything to its previous beauty. This extends to wood furniture refinishing that allows you to take a favorite piece and make it new again.

We have years of experience in touching up, repairing, and refinishing wood furniture. Our attention to detail and unparalleled customer service sets us apart from our competitors, and our clients are our best advertisements. While we are happy to renovate your home, we also want to make the things you love shine again.Read more

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When your La Quinta home starts to feel worn and dated, it’s not always necessary to jump into a complete remodel in order to give it a fresh, contemporary look. Here at Jerry Home Improvement, we offer hardwood floor refinishing that turns your floors into shiny, new looking assets to your home.

We offer professional home repair and remodel for your La Quinta home, from decks and patios to floor refinishing and everything in between. Whether you want new completely new tile, wood or carpet for your home or just want to give your current floors a boost, come to us first.Read more